Final report of 2022 Saskatchewan constituency boundaries review released

Oct 27, 2022

October 27, 2022 – The final report of the 2022 Saskatchewan Provincial Constituency Boundaries Commission was tabled today in the Saskatchewan Legislature. This report provide recommendations for legislation what will enact new boundaries, effective for the next provincial election, scheduled for October 28, 2024.

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“Since releasing the interim report in July, our commission held eight in-person public meetings around the province and one virtual meeting, as well as receiving written submissions,” says The Honourable Justice Donald Layh, Commission Chairperson. “While the legislated number of southern constituencies remains fixed at 59, several of them have new names and the boundaries for all 59 have been adjusted to keep the population of each constituency comparable to each other. The next step is for the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan to consider these recommendations and either approve or adjust them for moving forward.”


Under The Constituency Boundaries Act, 1993, the Saskatchewan Constituency Boundaries Commission is mandated to recommend boundaries for Saskatchewan’s 59 southern constituencies. The process started April 27, 2022, when the Commission members were appointed. On that day, the demographic data from the 2021 Census was released by Statistics Canada to the Commission.

The Commission consists of a chairperson nominated by the Chief Justice of Saskatchewan, one person nominated by the government and one person nominated by the Leader of the Opposition. Members are Justice Donald Layh (chairperson), Joe Donlevy, former Chief of Staff to the Premier, and Frank Quennell, former Minister of Justice.

The Commission is guided in its work by the principle that every vote should bear an equal value to the extent practical, subject to those variations considered necessary because of sparsity, density, or relative rates of growth; accessibility, size, shape, or physical features of regions; or special communities or diversities of interest, as permitted by the governing legislation.

A Saskatchewan provincial constituency, also known as a riding or electoral district, is a geographical area represented by a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). Electors vote for an MLA to represent the residents of their constituency in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. Each constituency therefore corresponds to a seat in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. Currently, Saskatchewan has 61 provincial constituencies.

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