About the Commission

In 1972, Saskatchewan established its first independent commission to delimit provincial electoral boundaries. In the previous 67 years of the provinces’ history, the Legislative Assembly set provincial electoral boundaries.

The current commission, established on April 27, 2022 under The Boundaries Commission Act, 1993, is the 7th provincial boundaries commission.

The Act specifies that the Commission must recommend boundaries for the 59 constituencies south of the dividing line that separates the two northern constituencies, Athabasca and Cumberland.

The Commission is guided in its work by the principle that every vote should bear an equal value to the extent practical, subject to those variations considered necessary because of sparsity, density, or relative rates of growth; accessibility, size, shape, or physical features of regions; or special communities or diversities of interest, as permitted by the governing legislation.

The Commission will produce an interim report of new provincial constituency boundaries by the end of July. It will then conduct public hearings across the province to receive public comment. A final report will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly by the end of October.


Honourable Justice Donald Layh, Chair

Mr. Justice Layh received a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Saskatchewan in 1986. He was admitted to the Saskatchewan Bar in 1987, the Manitoba Bar in 1994 and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2005. Justice Layh was appointed to the Court of Queen’s Bench (Yorkton) in June 2014. In addition to his judicial duties, Justice Layh has accepted assignments from the National Judicial Institute to provide judicial training to judges in Azerbaijan, Zambia and Thailand.

Joe Donlevy B.A., M.B.A.

Joe Donlevy is a Saskatoon businessman with deep ties to the province through over 30 years in the business community.  He served as Chief of Staff to Premier Brad Wall for 10 years prior to retiring from Government in 2017. Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Calgary.

Frank Quennell, Q. C.

Frank Quennell was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall.  He practiced law in Saskatoon and served eight years as a member of the Saskatchewan legislative assembly, including four years as the province’s Minister of Justice and Attorney-General.

Past Commissions

Year of Final Report
Chairperson Deputy Chairperson Member(s) Secretary
1st – 1973 The Honourable Mr. Justice P. H. Maguire Dr. John H. Archer Gordon Barnhart Donald W. Dell
2nd – 1980 The Honourable Mr. Justice R. A. MacDonald Gordon Barnhart Dr. John Archer Michael B. Ryan
3rd – 1988 The Honourable E. M. Culliton His Honour Judge R. Harvie Allan Keith Lampard Keith Lampard
4th – 1991 Dr. John Archer Honourable Mr. Justice E. C. Malone Honourable Mr. Justice R. L. Barclay Keith Lampard
5th – 2002 The Honourable Madam Justice E. J. Gunn Stuart G. Pollon Larry Deters Janice G. Baker
6th – 2012 The Honourable Justice Neil Gabrielson Stuart G. Pollon Harry Van Mulligen David Wilkie
7th – 2022 The Honourable Justice Donald Layh   Joe Donlevey
Frank Quennell
Dr. Michael Boda